Sunday 8/6/2017

Speaker: Rev Sandra Barrion

Title: God Is Able

Scripture: Colossians 1:15-23


  • He is Superior
  • He is Sovereign
  • He Saves


Consider what you are dealing with in your life right now. Is God first in your life? Well, he should be because he is superior. Superior to our circumstances. Superior to our problems. Superior to our ups and downs. To suggest otherwise would be to suggest that God is not able. God has a mandate over our lives. But if He’s not placed first, the enemy will attempt and often succeed at stealing and compromising our Kingdom mandate.

Secondly let us consider that God is sovereign. Look at what God did in Genesis. He used the phrase, “Let there be” several times to bring into existence something from nothing. God did not need materials. He created from nothing. So in our lives, even though sometimes God will use things already in existence to create things, we must understand that He doesn’t NEED to. God can merely speak the Word and things will change!

Lastly, God Saves. He brought forth his Son who brought with Him the gift of grace and the covering of his sacrificial shedding of blood. For this reason, we know that God is able and can make all things right in our lives. But all of this starts with us believing that He Is Able.




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What I want the most is for this to not be about me. But rather the focus be placed on Jesus Christ; the author and finisher of our faith. I am just a vessel willing to be used by him and for him.

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  1. Thank you Terry for summarizing this morning’s word. Was not able to participate this morning because I was in children’s church. So thank you again. Amen..

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