Sunday 9/3/17


Speaker: Pastor RW Barrion

Title: Teaching The Teachers

Scriptures: Hebrews 5:12; I Corinthians 3:1-2; Ephesians 4:11 and 5:22; Matt 5:13-16; II Timothy 3:16


1. Meet The Teachers

2. The Job Description

3. The Curriculum


In this text, Paul is somewhat frustrated with the people of God. He had a concern with their lack of progress. Paul sought to bring them the next level of revelation but they were not prepared to receive it. Let us understand this fact; when revelation is given, growth, development, and expansion is expected and should occur. And the church that Paul was addressing was not ready for this. Paul couldn’t talk to them as people that have grown in the Lord. He couldn’t use language and topics that he would use with mature Christians. They were like babies, in the sense that they could only comprehend and relate to the basic things in Christ. Until the basics were solidified, there would not be a foundation for deeper revelations.


Some teachers at the time were more geared towards charisma and entertainment rather than preaching and teaching that which would facilitate growth and development. Consider husbands in the home as described in Ephesians. They are called to be teachers in their home. And they will have to answer to God for how well they instruct. And many times they are lacking in their efforts. This is what Paul saw when he looked at the teachers and preachers of the church. The culture was not being edified and the Kingdom was not being expanded. Consider those who are in the corporate world and hold supervisory or leadership positions. We are called to exhibit Kingdom traits in how we lead. Same with those who are subordinates. We teach people the Kingdom in how we respond to our leaders and directions we are tasked with completing.

Now, what should this “teaching” really look like? Teachers are like salt. Just as salt seasons food, teachers, by nature of their presence, should season situations. We should be improving the situations we find ourselves in. Otherwise, we are like salt that has lost its flavor and therefore is good for nothing. Also, teachers should be lights. We should be the way by which people see what Kingdom living looks like. We should exhibit Kingdom integrity in how we handle life. Lights are not placed in areas where light is not needed. Instead, lights are placed in dark places. Bad situations, financial messes, and sickness. These are dark places that need light. People are watching how we handle life. And let us know that Christ is the ultimate light. We should be the light bulb. The element inside of a bulb represents Christ and he seeks to shine through us.

What should we teach? We should teach the Word. Not just in what we say, but how we act and handle life. II Timothy tells us that all scripture is given by inspiration of God. It is from the Word that instruction and teaching should come from. We have to walk and talk like we believe the Scripture. We have to also be governed and corrected by the Word. The Word lets us know what “wrong” looks like. This is beneficial because if we know what’s wrong, we can get ourselves right. We live in a world where people do not want to hear sound doctrine. This is why teachers must be ever so diligent in teaching and living the Word. If our foundation is the Word, we can stand and impact our culture just as Jesus impacted the world.



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What I want the most is for this to not be about me. But rather the focus be placed on Jesus Christ; the author and finisher of our faith. I am just a vessel willing to be used by him and for him.

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