About Me

 Just a little bit about me. I suppose I should start with my roots. I was born in Decatur, GA some time in the mid to late 1980s. I’m the oldest, yet the shortest of three kids (I have a brother and sister) born to my wonderful mother.

Coming up in my family one thing was certain. We loved God and we went to church. Typical southern family I would suppose. When I was still in elementary school, our family moved to Macon, GA. Here, I finished up my elementary, middle school, and high school education graduating from there in 2004. When it came time for college, Savannah State University called my name. In 2009 I graduated from college with my BA in Computer Science Technology.

From there I obtained a job working in the Insurance/IT Field. Shortly after that, I married my wife and together we have 4 boys!  

The goal of my life is for Christ to be glorified. Be it in my job, through my family, in my actions, or my thoughts. I appreciate you for taking the time to read some of those thoughts today.

Be Blessed.

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